About Us



MEDILIC s.a.r.l belongs to a group of companies who represent leading American and European brands specializing mainly in the fields of medical, scientific and laboratory products. The company was established several decades ago and is located in the heart of Beirut.   The company is privately owned and conducts business as agent and/or distributor for the lines of products it represents. It enjoys strong financial assets and has become throughout the years, leader in its own field.   A professional approach based on long term experience and continuous training of our team members ensures us reliability and loyalty from our Principals and Customers alike. This is the key to our success.   

  • PREMISES: Located in the heart of Beirut, Sodeco region.
  • WAREHOUSES: Climate controlled warehouses ensure adequate product environment, in line with the proper business environment we are keen to preserve.
  • OUR TEAM: Strong emphasis is put on training staff at all levels, by regular attendance to seminars and courses. We strongly believe in continuous coaching and constant improvement.  



Our mission is to secure our products to the clients in the best conditions and to guarantee uninterrupted availability.   It is with pride and determination that we accompany our suppliers in their outstanding growth.  The human part of operations is of paramount importance. Permanent availability of reagents in hospitals and laboratories, prompt distribution to various locations, impeccable storage conditions and outstanding quality of service are unquestionable musts to us.  


  • The selection of high quality products to be promoted and distributed 
  • The reactivity and support of our dedicated sales team 
  • The assistance and follow-up of our motivated customer service team 
  • The monitoring and maintenance activities our technical department conducts   

We thrive to be a single point-of-contact serving the needs of all our customers within the various medical and industrial fields where we operate: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Laboratories 
  • Private clinics 
  • Ministry of Health and other governmental institutions 
  • Non-governmental organizations